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Set in an alternate history where Germany won World War II and the United States remains under Nazi and Imperial Japanese rule, the series has attracted glowing reviews - and a fair bit of controversy. But everything changes so quickly - and now, of course, when you say you're doing something on Amazon Prime, people know it's a really cool thing.

I was offered a part on Amazon Prime more than a year ago - and, at the time, it felt like being offered a part in something being done by WHSmith's!

“She came to our drama school for a chat and ended up directing us in a play.

There's been a lot of talk about how 'traditional' television compares to streaming shows. You think you've been offered a job by one group of people...

I mean, the idea that it's completely in the hands of the public... That's one of the indicators - it's one of the things they take into account.

But there's all sorts of other strange things they look at in determining their decision - though a large part of it pilot that even if Amazon Prime had not really liked it, there would've been a certain pressure for them to pick it up.

There were lots of family reasons for the move, plus I will be able to get home faster from London.’Leading figures in the arts world, such as histrionic Benedict Cumberbatch and Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle, were well off the mark when they claimed British culture would suffer if we left the EU.‘If anything, it will make us more confident across the country and internationally.

It was back in March 2008 that he completed the Broad­way run of Tom Stoppard’s Rock’n’Roll, having picked up Olivier, Critics’ Circle and Evening Standard awards during its eight-month run in London for his portrayal of the rock-music-loving Czech academic Jan (he was later also nominated for a Tony Award).


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