Updating groupshield

We have a second server with same config, unfortunately, that is doing exactly the same thing (except its agent is still 4.0.1421).Are there any tips/tricks to get the Mc Afee Agent to recognise Groupshield?Groupshield will not update, either manually via link on groupshield dashboard, or via "update now" on mcafee agent.So far, i've only been able to update by running Super DAT.The DAT/Definition Deployment report within EPO displays 4.4.00 4.0.4554.When I connect to Mc Afee Group Shield on the server it says the DAT Version is 4554-1, DAT Date is 2005-08-09, Engine Version 4.4.00.

Check email and attachments for viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malware.

The attachment contains some sort of executable code, like a VBA macro, that downloads the actual malware from a web site and runs it, encrypting the data on the victim's local and networked hard drives.

It then displays a screen that demands a ransom to decrypt the data.

The new "Locky" ransomware virus began distributing itself worldwide last week.

It executes code in a malicious Word attachment, which downloads a trojan that encrypts local and networked hard drives.


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