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“We hadn’t traveled together prior to this, and we were still trying to figure out our communication technique with one another,” says Draghi, 33, a nurse practitioner.

“It was a lot harder than we anticipated.” But the couple—who met through mutual friends and had dated for eight months before filming began in Los Angeles in June—held their own against stiff competition, including Survivor champions, Olympic snowboarders, and round-the-world sailors.

As of press time, the East Bay duo had survived six legs of their trip, adventuring through Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malawi. We stuffed them full of random things, ripped them off really fast, put them in the car, stuff like that,” says Cline, 35, a commercial real estate broker.

Already physically strong, Cline and Draghi honed their skills and speed with prerace training at Lafayette Reservoir, Pleasanton Ridge, and Mount Diablo. They say the experience has strengthened their connection—and inspired them to keep moving.

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