Diablo open beta updating setup files

We'll keep this post updated throughout the next couple of days with the latest problems and info on how to fix them.We'll also include non-Blizzard sources when appropriate (but in general, Blizzard is pretty on top of all these).I restarted and all that, but what worked in the end was just waiting. There should be three folders: Agent, Client and Setup. When it got past that point it was like done immediately. installers start running today (even though you can install the game, you can't play until midnight PST), a host of issues have cropped up.Most of these can be solved by commonsense troubleshooting techniques, but some others are a bit more .Delete (or rename) the folder from your C:\Program Data then start the beta launcher again. sorry to bring this up but.know that .."thing" (Med'an).. That then said something like "something went wrong, please install again bla bla", then it closed, I recovered the two files from the trash bin, then opened World of Warcraft Beta and the normal Launcher window came up and downloaded again. :3 Greetings Run Write %programdata% and press Enter. There should be three folders: Agent, Client and Setup.

At this time, Compatibility Mode for the retail tools is no longer needed.so i really dont know whats causing this, i've re-downloaded it, restarted my comp etc. it wasnt doing this yesterday when i tried opening the beta to download it. i know theres been problems about being stuck while downloading the beta, but this is before even the launcher opens Mod edit: Solution here Mine got stuck at exactly that point. Double-click the icon and it will bring up a list of users on your computer.Find the user account that matches your user name and have a look in the group column; it may say administrator, power user, or user.Also, we cannot support the game on a non-administrator account.


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